Hello World!

Well, I finally decided to start blogging. It seems like the new ‘cool’ activity done by kids out there. Anywho, this is me.

I’m Gao MK; short, flat ass, big foot, flat chest, not a model, black young woman. (No disrespect, YOU cannot say this)

Yup! Ain’t that unfortunate? Well, i read a lot so I come across quite a lot of quotes that make me feel better about myself. In the end, nobody gets out alive right!?

Lets see, so what are the interesting things about me?

  • I bite my nails, I play basketball so that works fine.
  • I like running; guess where the physique comes from.
  • I watch a lot of TV Shows, sometimes i forget I’m not actually living that life.
  • What I listen to does not appear on most people’s Playlists.
  • I’m not good at “Hanging Out” with people, i tend to find myself somewhere in a corner doing my own thing. (I hang out with myself with other people)
  • Lastly, I’m going places, literally and in so many other ways

Well, enjoy a pic of me Nutella that I’m currently craving.

Hashtag Nutella
Hashtag Nutella

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